CoverGirl Bombshell Volume By Lashblast Mascara Review

Official Mascara Correspondent Ashleigh Ciucci test-drives CoverGirl Bombshell Volume Mascara this week. Here, her review, in her words.  I can jump to conclusions from time to time so I initially thought this mascara was two mascaras in one tube.  I applied the side marked "1" and was thoroughly unimpressed.  I applied the side marked "2' separately and was like, "Oh, this is nice."  Upon Googling for more deets, I discovered that side 1 is the volumizing base coat and side 2 is the intensifying Continue Reading [...]

Blacking Out With Biore

"Blacking out" hosts a myriad of connotations, from a power outage (story time: the famous 3-day one in 2003 led to my years-long vocation in the financial industry after an evening of drinking on my roof with my new acquaintance, a neighbor who passed along my resume at her tax accounting gig at PricewaterhouseCoopers) to a night of cocktail indulgence to a much-needed break from social media to my favorite: Biore's new charcoal products. Last night, I took an evening off from reporting every Continue Reading [...]

Shampoo vs. Conditioner: Ojon Rare Blend Moisture-rich Cleansing Conditioner

If you've been having an argument with yourself of Billy Madison proportions re: which is better, shampoo or conditioner, Ojon's got the answer. Both! Cowashing has made major improvements from its early Pert Plus origins and a low-lather/low-poo cleansing can keep curly and dry hair looking its best without stripping it of its mega moisture. Someone should have told Billy and his curly locks about co-washing; it would have saved him a lot of bath drama. “Co-wash” is a term used for conditioning Continue Reading [...]

On Wednesdays We Wear Pink-gold Adorned Ear Buds

Fr(i)ends, if there is something on this planet more gorgeous than these rose-gold adorned ear buds by Frends, I surely do not know what it is. The Frends Ella (ella ella) Headphones boast amazing sound and come in their own natural habitat (a white zippered case) for when they're not in use. And if rose-gold isn't on-brand for you? They come in regular gold, as well. $99 at   Continue Reading [...]

Get The Look: Lena Headey’s Hairstyle At The ‘Game Of Throne’ Season 4 Premiere

Mark Townsend tended to the tresses of Lena Headey for the Game of Thrones premiere. Says Mark, "It was all about relaxed glamour for Lena Headey. I loved her Jenny Packham dress and felt it was very pretty yet edgy so I wanted her hair to have the same feeling.”  Here's how Mark got the look. "I started by applying a large dollop of Dove Oxygen Moisture Leave In Foam to her damp hair and scrunched it dry with my hands and the diffuser on the blowdryer.  I love keeping as much of Lena's Continue Reading [...]

How To Look Like Karlie Kloss, Score Blake Lively’s Retro Ponytail + More: Destination Procrastination

I NEED BLAKE LIVELY'S RETRO PONYTAIL NOW. It's for a movie role, but still [Glamour The Girls In The Beauty Department] How to look like Karlie Kloss [The Luxury Spot] The most real depiction of day-to-day life in New York City and the vice grip it has on you AND all its ups and downs I've read, ever [John Devore's Tumblr] How much should you be spending on clothes, really? [Who What Wear] Texting is TOTALLY ruining dating [Refinery29] The eccentricities of an NYC Continue Reading [...]

'Breaking Boston' Beauty Inspiration: Courtney And Noelle

The Boston aesthetic has been done before (hello, Blake Lively in The Town) but never like this. Breaking Boston, which premiered last week on A&E has brought me back to my Massachusetts roots and made me revaluate my whole look. Courtney and Noelle are drop-dead gorgeous and while their French-manicured nails are questionable, everything else about them is flawless. Here's my guide to getting Boston beautiful. Drink your wine like Noelle and her mothah and read up on your Beantown beauty guide. Self Continue Reading [...]

Get The Look: ‘Pretty Little Liars” Ashley Benson At Paleyfest

Actress Ashley Benson attend a Paleyfest event thrown in honor of her television show, "Pretty Little Liars," sporting a gorgeous makeup look created by Mai Quynh. Here, the beauty breakdown, courtesy of Mai. "I started by moisturizing her face with Restorsea Rejuvenating Day Cream. Then I applied La Mer Lip Balm to hydrate her lips. For her eyes, I applied Lancome Colour Design 5 Shadow & Liner in Coral Crush. I applied the peach shimmer on her inner eyelid using a stiff eyeshadow Continue Reading [...]

Spring Cleaning: Deep Detox

Spas, the land of fluffy robes, calming music, cucumber water and vibrating disks attached to your body that help you loose weight? Yup! Deep Detox, the latest and greatest offering at Exhale Spa's flagship location is no walk in (Central) park but after the treatment you will emerge, facing the actual park, feeling lighter and refreshed. The 1 hour session is ideal post cardio because it sends your body into fat burning mode by working  your muscles, similarly to strength training. And just Continue Reading [...]

Motivate Monday: 100-Calorie Snacks + More

(FYI Angelica was one of my favorite characters on TV growing up) The 5 Day Kale Challenge isn't some intense juice cleanse where you just have kale. Check it out, it's super easy! It's called " The BEST Ab Routine" and after taking one look at the Tone It Up ladies, you know it must be. Snack time! Hungry Girl has a few less-than-100-calorie snacks you can whip up in minutes! Grab a resistance band and slim your hips with this easy to follow video. --Julia Casella Follow Julia Continue Reading [...]