Rouge18 Is Eight Years Old

Rouge18 (née Beauty Blogging Junkie) turns 8 today! Longtime readers know I started this blog from my cubicle at PricewaterhouseCoopers (it's finally been long enough that I actually had to check whether to capitalize that "W") in a pretty low time in my life. I then spent four years writing this blog in the middle of the night and attending multiple beauty events after work while working in a series of financial gigs, dodging multiple lay-offs until I finally was offered a full-time beauty Continue Reading [...]

Fictionary: Inspiraling

Fictionary is a column showcasing beauty-related words that don’t exist, but should. As anyone with curly hair knows, it's a never-ending journey. You learn tricks and different ways of styling your locks all the time. At age 33, for instance, I learned that combing out my hair post-shower yields curls that are much less defined than if I leave my hair a feral MESS. Talk about counterintuitive. One thing I've known from way back is that John Frieda's products work really well on my curls; Continue Reading [...]

Throwback Thursday: My Initiation Into The Cult Of Lancôme

Welcome to a new series on R18 called Throwback Thursday, clearly, a nod to the Instagram sensation. In it, I'll share my first forays into certain brands I've been loving since the '90s (and some are even the '80s). The first to be featured? Lancôme, with which I've had a long and involved relationship since '96 (cue Jay-Z). 1996 was when I got my hands on my first high-end nail polish; at the time Chanel's Starry Night was all the rage. It was a navy blue with silver sparkles and it was DIVINE. Continue Reading [...]

Fictitious Fragrance Fans: The Ladies Of 'How I Met Your Mother'

R18ers, did we see this week's finale of How I Met Your Mother? *SPOILERS ahead if you didn't see the show!*   I was happy with it overall; I've never found the Barney/Robin relationship to be all that believable long-term (though it's not for lack of chemistry). I was team Robin/Ted all the way and despite his tendency for pretension and over-romanticism, I've had a monster-sized crush on Ted Evelyn Mosby for nine long years. So to me, the ending was IT. Except for one thing: Ted Continue Reading [...]

I Like It On Top

Manis go from good to great with these finishing touches. The Shift Me: Makes your polish lighter and brighter and gives it a pop. The Matte Velvet : As the name suggests, this turns any of your polishes matte, eliminating the need to decide what finish you want when you buy a color. Seche Vite: Let's be real, this is the only top coat that matters. Maybelline Color Show Street Art: 5 shades of splatter-paint-Pollock polish that you can mix and match to your hearts Continue Reading [...]

Video: March Beauty Product Favorites

GUYS, sorry for the DELAY; I'm getting this one on juuuuuust under the wire. I was doing my civic duty today (of the jury variety, obv). Without further ado, my March faves.     Pantene Dry Shampoo ($8) Weleda Oat Replenishing Treatment ($13) Greg Lauren For Barney's New York perfume ($195) Hard Candy Ombre Lipstick ($4) Dr. Dennis Gross Clinical Boosters ($58) And now, I want to hear from YOU. What are you loving this month? Continue Reading [...]

Want A $10 Blow-Out? That Was A Rhetorical Q.

Obv, so get involved with Aveda's Global Cut-A-Thon for Clean Water on Monday April 7th. Salons across the globe will be participating in a Global Cut-A-Thon and Beyond to raise funds for clean water projects around the world. Aveda stylists will volunteer their time to offer haircuts and other beauty services in return for a donation to Earth Month. In NYC, from 11am to 8pm at the Aveda Institute on 233 Spring Street, services include: Student Haircuts: $20 Professional Stylists: $40 Master Continue Reading [...]

Julia's March Favorites

Pureology Dry Conditioner ($24): This is a nice alternative to the Oribe dry conditioner I gushed about in July. Super essential in my minimal shampooing life. Eyeko Mascara ($24): If your lash priority is length, this should be your next mascara. Plus, it's waterproof. Sonia Kashuk Floral Print Double Zip Clutch ($15): Just the loveliest little case for a weekend trip or everyday essentials, with two convenient sections for easy organization. Weekly Mini Facial ($98): After experiencing Continue Reading [...]

Motivate Monday, Because A Fat-melting Injection May Be Coming To A Needle Near You

A fat-melting injection may be coming to a needle near you It was only a matter of time until Soul Cycle had their own juice. Here it is, and it's delicious Chinese buffets are so yummy and so dangerous. Click here to learn the tricks to keep you happy and healthy Apps keep you skinny Gen lost 111 lbs so you can lose 10, okay? --Julia Casella Follow Julia on Twitter: @Julia_Casella. Continue Reading [...]

Snap Out Of Sunday Sadness Six Fix

6 things to look forward to and lift you up during the darkest hour of the darkest day of the week:   1. Broad City: I hadn't even started this series when the last installment of Sunday Sadness was posted and now I've seen the whole season, TWICE. I also wrote a Ficticious Fragrance post. This show is the funniest, you must watch. 2. Squishable: How fun are these? 3. Hot Hugs: Speaking of stuffed animals, I can't believe I haven't written about how happy my hot hug makes Continue Reading [...]