The Key To Cold, Outdoor Runs


I started running in 2013 and it changed my damn LIFE, friends. I have my friend Erika to thank for bringing this free and FREEING exercise to my routine. I have since given up my pricey barre membership in favor of 3-4 runs a week, plus a Tracy Anderson class or video thrown into the mix. I get my best writing ideas when I run and somehow, any problems I was having pre-run seem to work themselves out. Living in New York City can be problematic for outdoor runners.

First, you need an uncrowded space — I run along the East River, just a few blocks from my apartment. My rule, however, is that I run as long as it’s not precipitating and between 20 and 89 degrees. Most of the time, my Zella Live-In Leggings do the trick, but when the mercury dips below 30, mama needs a warmer tight and my favorite is my new Sweaty Betty Body Merino Body Map Thermal Ski Leggings. I’m nobody’s skier (alas, I may be, but I haven’t attempted it since the early ’90s), but these gorgeous leg lengtheners keep body heat in while wicking moisture and keep me toasty on my waterside jogs. Get into them, literally and figuratively.

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