A Tale of Two Facial Cleansers

I found love for two different cleansers this week.  Because sometimes finding a beauty product is like man hunting in college…it is hard to pick just one when you love each one for different reasons! First up an efficient travel companion guaranteed to never spill or leak in your bag because it is a cleansing stick.
St. Ives Glow Apricot & Manuka Honey Cleansing Stick ($8) is made with coconut oil and leaves your skin fresh and glowing.
Next up a luxurious glow producing spa experience without leaving the house. Eve Lom Cleanser ($52) is a decadent cream cleaner with ritualistic application and removal instructions that are sure to eliminate stress and leave your skin radiant. After gently massaging a small amount of the cleanser with dry fingertips to a dry face and neck wet the muslin cloth with warm water apply to the face and work the cleaner off in circular motions. Repeat three times and finish with cool water to close your pores. You will feel like new and glow spa-fresh.
What’s not to love!
—Kelly B.

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