Exterminator Extra: Julia’s Exterminator’s New Fave Product

A few weeks ago, after five peaceful roach-free years in NYC, I found myself chasing a cockroach around my apartment with a hairspray in hand. Alas, my DIY solution wasn’t successful so I had to call a professional.

My exterminator arrived, sweating. He surveyed my kitchen and concluded “I don’t know if you have more, but if you do, they ain’t staying. There’s nothing for them to eat here.” And he’s right, I have no food in my kitchen/fridge. But I did have an Avene face spray in my fridge, and I wanted to justify its location, so I told him to close his eyes and proceeded to spray his face with cool, $20 water. He was confused and overjoyed, but mostly confused. I told him the water had magical properties, and once cured a horse with a skin disease. He put down a few roach traps and said he’ll see me next month.
Consider this post his “September Favorites” round up!
—Julia Casella

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