The Other Foundation You Need Immediately


Girls, I have failed you this summer, because I forget to tell you about the wardrobe MVP I discovered in June that pretty much improved my entire season. But it’s not too late, you can still buy one. It’s the Only Hearts Second Skins Notched Underwire Convertible Strapless Bra, $51 at Nordstrom. For me, the struggle was practically primal. I needed a strapless bra that stayed up, but didn’t add padding to my already robust breast party, and yet was dipped low enough for plunging Vs, plus had underwire. This is a taller order than you’d imagine; it took me years to find this bra. After much googling, I found this Only Hearts iteration and it’s everything. It comes with a halter strap so you can use it as a standard bra if you wish. I love it so much, I bought two. I am not sorry. I even stocked up on the strapped kind, as well, also two. These are the only bras I want to wear. They support, don’t add bulk, and the spandex stretchiness gives me a nice shape. One thing to note: I’m a 34 C/D and I’m a large, so you may want to size up or look for another bra if you’re larger than a D.

Let me know what bras you’re loving!

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