The Clarifying Shampoo You Need + More

collageOribe The Cleanse Clarifying Shampoo ($44): When you only wash your hair once a week, you better make it count. Enter Oribe’s Clarifying shampoo, which is uniquely packaged in an aerosol can. With volcanic ash as an ingredient, you can be sure that all the grime from the week is scrubbed away.
Smith and Cult’s Dark Like Me: A classic merlot moment.
Wander Beauty Foundation Stick ($40): With smart packaging, and ingredients (it has coconut oil like my beloved RMS concealer) this creamy foundation couldn’t be easier to apply and blend.
ARROW Lip Balm ($14): Formulated to adjust to your unique pH, this soothing lip balm will look a little different on everyone.
—Julia Casella

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