New: Matte Beautiful Color Moisturizing Lipstick from Elizabeth Arden

Screen Shot 2015-02-21 at 12.28.36 PMGet your matte on with these super silky new formulations from Elizabeth Arden!

As Kylie Jenner will have you know, matte lips are all the rage right now, and these lipsticks ($25) are the most luxurious version yet, designed to hydrate while retaining that very 2015 matte finish. These lipsticks will actually condition your lips as you wear them, a rarity as any matte formula wearer knows all too well.  Your lips will actually feel better at the end of the day, even after you’ve wiped your pout clean. The moisturizing ingredients, specially formulated for the very particular skin of the lips, leave your lips feeling soft, yet never slippery for hours on end.

 And the final kicker: these lipsticks, available in 8 shades ranging from coral to deep red, come in packaging that resembles not the brand’s famed red door, but a golden one. They’re so good, the door got a shiny upgrade. What’s not to love?


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