Preventative Measures: Moroccanoil Style


I know it may not feel like fall just yet, but as soon as the temperature drops a good 20 degrees overnight, all of the supple summer moisture you’ve got going on will suddenly be zapped from skin and hair faster than you can say “venti pumpkin spice latte, please!” Looking good is a battle against the elements, and the best offense is a good defense.

Here are the three products you’ll need for a fierce autumnal arsenal.

Moroccanoil Treatment

This haircare staple is a go-to hair save for good reason.  Just 1 or 2 pumps on post-shower, towel-dried tresses is all you need to protect hair from all of the normal heat and styling it’s subjected to, as well as the unexplainable dryness on once-lush locks that the cold wreaks every year. As soon as you start using it, the treatment will prove your strongest weapon in styling, everyday protection, and finishing thanks to its antioxidant, fatty acid, and omega-3 oil-infused formula. Even the harshest, hair-damaging days are no match for Moroccanoil-treated hair.

1319003-2Body Soufflé

This soufflé is a light blend of shea butter and argan oil that work together to provide intense hydration for your whole body. Ciao for now, rough knees and elbows! Use a generous amount on clean skin, dry or damp, as frequently as needed to keep the rough patches away, and for a fresh dose of its delightful orange blossom scent.

_8208630Hand Cream

Even more exposed to the elements are the hands, so the right hand cream can work miracles before you start seeing cracked knuckles or dull cuticles. This cream has the same refreshing, wonderful orange blossom fragrance as the body soufflé, and it delivers an instant deluxe, non-greasy feeling to hands (think of that post-hand massage sensation you experience in the middle of a mani). The cream blends argan and avocado oils with shea, mango, and cocoa butters for care and repair of dry hands.

Also — do for your spirit what these three goods will do for your hair and skin by keeping up with Moroccanoil’s uplifting #inspiredbywomen series online!

post-36026-the-cold-never-bothered-me-any-9FUQ[I can’t say for sure, but Elsa’s locks look like they’ve been given some serious Moroccanoil love.]

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