I Tried It: Dollar Shave Club

Cheryl Wischhover from Fashionista asked and answered the question that has been on my mind for years: WHY ARE WOMEN STILL PAYING EXORBITANT PRICES TO SHAVE THEIR LEGS?


I’ve always thought $20 for three blades is crazy, but girl gotta shave, right? If you’ve taken a marketing course, you probably know the theory nicknamed the “Razor-Razorblade Model” wherein one item is sold at a low price  in order to increase the sales of a complementary good. Razor blades, ink cartidriges  and video games all follow this model because there’s not much you can do with a razor sans blade, or a printer without ink, so you’re forced to bite the bullet and buy.

But apparently men are just as sick of over-paying for razor blades as Cheryl and I are, so some of them decided to make the brilliant Dollar Shave Club: a monthly subscription razor-blade service that offers affordable blades that get delivered to your house. With three levels: $1, $6 and $9  you choose the blade + cartridge combo that works best for you. I opted for the $6 , “4X- Lover’s Blade” level which includes 4 blades and 4 cartridges and is also semi-marketed to women because “it was designed to satisfy the harshest critics of both genders, so you can share your subscription (but not your blades, gross) with someone you care about. It’s equally good for the face, legs, armpits, or anything else.”

I give this service a 10/10 —not only are the blades super sharp, but the razor is actually really pretty and has a nice weight to it. The price and convenience can’t be beat so unless you are becoming a hippie (or the exact opposite: have everything lasered off as Amber did), I suggest you get involved.

—Julia Casella

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