Your Summer Secret Weapon: Jergens BB For Body

jergens-bb-bodyI, like Will of Will & Grace, bruise like a summer fruit. I’m also pretty clumsy, so the frequency with which I bruise is something of a talent. Besides being copy-paper white, I always have the ghosts of shaving knicks and bruises past with which to contend before debuting my gams each spring so I’m always game to test body items to help camouflage inconsistent color.


The BB-ication of everything has been been marketed to death (like, hair BBs and CCs, for example), but I have to admit that Jergens cornered a much-needed niche with this body iteration. I like to use it to keep my self-tan going a couple days longer and decant that sh*t when I travel so that my limbs look lithe, as opposed to blinding.
Have you tried Jergens BB Body? What’s your stance on BB for body?

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