Sanctuary Spa At Bay Club San Francisco

A couple weeks ago, I crashed with my high school good Judy (shout-out to my gal India-Jewel Jackson) Michele in San Francisco and lived my life as a parallel-universe me, who wakes up early (west coast jet-lag is the best!), dresses in layers and pretentiously, but appropriately swishes her red wine in a swirl before drinking it. Many things were new — eschewing 10+ per week meals with girls in the name of catching up in favor of chilling with cute tech dudes who are taller than 5’3″ (oh, New York), being told I need to BUY a plastic bag at Walgreens for $.10 to go along with my beauty purchases and waitstaff being positively sunny about my many Sally Albright-style food substitutions. But obviously, some things closely resembled my typical day-to-day on the RIGHT coast. Namely, my pal and recent NYC-to-SF transplant Joey generously hooked me up with a massage while I was there, because some things never change. And am I glad he did!

Rihanna had it wrong. Chains and whips aren’t what’s exciting — sticks and stones are, particularly when they are employed during the special Sticks and Stones Massage at Sanctuary Spa at Bay Club San Francisco by one Mr. Janvier. Yes, it sounds like a punishment, but GIRL. This 80-minute relaxation situation involves a customized rub-down incorporating warm stones and cool sticks for a brisk, refreshing moment.

Also, I have to say, though I’m privy to bougie boutique classes, this fitness center was a throwback – but an epic one. It boasts giant changing rooms, tons of classes, machines and personal training options. I had the opportunity to crash my friend Michele’s training session with Anthony and while he kicked my ASS (and I take tons of diabolical classes in the name of research for my freelance fitness writing gigs, friends), I felt sore in the best way for the next 48 hours.

The Sticks and Stones massage is $160 at Sanctuary Spa at Bay Club San Francisco. Call 415-433-2200 to make an appointment. The Bay Club is located at 150 Greenwich Street.

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