Fictionary: Pub(l)ic Opinion

Fictionary is a column showcasing beauty-related words that don’t exist, but should.

Later that day I got to thinking about pubes… 

Even though Carrie never typed those words across her ‘98 laptop screen, SATC pretty much started pub(l)ic opinion; i.e.,  public pubic opinion. In L.A ., she experiences her first brazilian, telling the ladies “I got mugged!” and Samantha was once with a guy who told her “it might be time for a wax” ( it’s my week between waxes and that asshole thinks I’m George of the Jungle). But Sam also dated Smith who “prefers a full bush” and in this weeks The Mindy Project, Danny shared his thoughts:


Earlier this week, Cameron Diaz also presented her pube perspective. Add in Leo’s “Girls these days are hairless from the eyebrows down” Wolf of Wall Street quote, and I’m officially perplexed! To (pu)be or not to (pu)be, that is the question.

PUbeI choose no! I choose Shobha! And even if you aren’t in NYC, you can also be Shobha smooth with their Bump Free S.E.T:

shobha bumpTheir relief lotion, an exfoliating cloth ( #1 most important factor in stopping ingrown hair) and rosewater freshening cloths, ensure you will stay perfectly pube-less!

shobha deal

And if you are in NYC, head to their Hairless Happy Hour for a Brow and Brazilian combo, because even if we can’t all agree on pubes, we can agree on brows.

Julia Casella 

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