Get Naked: Herbal Essences Naked Collection


I’m not lying when I say you should get naked next year. The Closer way or the Herbal Essences way.

Herbal Essences’ Naked Collection, launching in January, is the first premium line for the brand and has three subdivisions: Volume, Moisture and Shine. This handy guide helps you decide what works for you hair, though you can mix and match as you please:

Herbal Essences Naked Collection

I can promise that the Dry Shampoo will be in my January favorites because it smells divine and adds some mega volume. Also, the Cleansing Conditioner is very cool: it is a two-in-one (shampoo and conditioner) and it’s perfect if you want clean hair, but you just washed your hair. So for example: you wash your hair before a night out but smoke too many cigarettes and wake up smelling like a pack of Malboros. This one-step process cleans your hair but doesn’t strip it, so you don’t have to feel like you’re living in an ashtray all day.  The last highlight is the Flexible Hold Spritzer that I have been using with the dry shampoo to extend my blowouts to epically long lengths.

Are you ready to #getnaked?

Available at food, drug and mass market retailers nationwide starting January 2014

Julia Casella
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  2. Meghann B.

    I LOVE the shampooing conditioner! I have oily hair, and I thought that it might make it worse, but it did the opposite! My hair is no longer oily, and I can go three days without shampooing!!! It is liquid gold. I will never change shampoos ever again!!!


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