Get Astrological About It: Estee Lauder Zodiac Compacts

You may or may not know that Carol is an astrologer. She doesn’t do charts anymore, FYI, to all the people who always ask me if she’ll do theirs when this comes up. We don’t do anything when Mercury is in retrograde. We read Susan Miller on the first of every month. We write checks to ourselves on the new moon so as to follow the Law of Attraction. Things can get kind of new agey, but we own it. So it was THRILLING when Estee Lauder not only sent me one of their gorgeous gold Zodiac compacts in my sign (Gemini), they sent that shit ENGRAVED.

Estee Lauder’s gold compacts are legend–wait for it–ary. To the point where I’ve done many a search on eBay for special vintage ones to add to my collection. This Zodiac one is so spesh, I’ve started singing a special rendition of Brigitte Bardot’s “Contact!” song to it when I take it out of my purse for a cameo. Except, obviously, the song goes, COMPACT! in a French accent just like BB’s.

The Estee Lauder Zodiac Powder Compacts retail for $70 at

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