Get The Look: Jessica Biel’s Hairstyle At The ‘Total Recall’ Premiere

Jessica Biel has been bringing her hair A-game lately and I like it. This deep side-parted sleek look is simple but beautiful. Here, Adir Abergel shares how he created Jessica Biel’s red-carpet look for the LA premiere of “Total Recall.” Says Adir,  I wanted to create a super-straight style that had a strong, modern edge. Jessica’s dress had a very modern take on a 1950s silhouette, and I wanted to make sure that I created a style that was shiny, sleek and modern to mimic the texture of the fabric and the lines of the dress. Here’s how to get the look, in Adir’s words.

“I started out by applying René Furterer VOLUMEA volumizing conditioning spray all over the roots to create great volume. I then created a strong side part (very severe, so it looks more editorial.) A great tip is to follow the highest arch of the brow when making the part.

I continued by blow drying the hair with a round brush to create a beautiful, smooth finish.

Once the hair was dry and had volume where it was needed, I took René Furterer VEGETAL Sculpting Gel, applied it on my hands and very lightly applied it on the hair across the parting for strong finish and hold.

I pinned the bang area with a butterfly clip and tucked both sides behind the ear for a modern finish. To complete the look I applied René Furterer VEGETAL Finishing Spray across the bangs for all-night hold. After the Finishing Spray was set, I removed the butterfly clip and flat-ironed the ends for a blunt finish. Finally, to get the hair super glossy, I applied two sprays of René Furterer Glossing Spray.

What do you think of Jessica Biel’s “Total Recall” premiere hairstyle? And like me, are you still waiting for  an apparatus to recreate the famous “Total Recall” nail scene?

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