Top Knot Goals: Teresa Palmer

 Last night at the LA Premiere of Point Break, Teresa Palmer looked stunning in metallic sporting a sleek punk-inspired topknot created by hairstylist extraordinaire,Adir Abergel. Here’s how to recreate the look, per Adir.


  1. On dry hair, Adir applied Marula Oil from mid shaft to ends. Then spritzed a bit of volumizer on the root to create the proper foundation for the style.
  2. He rough-dried the hair so it was 100 percent dry.
  1. Once hair was dry, he used the Harry Josh Flat Iron to style the hair completely straight.
  2. Next he separated the hair into two sections dividing it from ear to ear with a defined top section and bottom section.
  1. He pulled the front section into a high ponytail right at the crown. He secured the bottom section with elastic into a lower ponytail. Then he connected both ponytails to make one high ponytail. Note: The look should actually have three elastics.
  1. He backcombed the ponytail at the root to give it texture and volume, and set it with a mist of super fine hair spray by Oribe.
  1. Using a Mason Pearson Brush he smoothed out the ponytail and twisted it in a circular motion.
  1. To create the bun Adir  wrapped all the hair into an architectural top knot and pinned into place, but made sure to leave some of the ends out on the top and bottom.
  1. Adir completed the look by flat ironing the ends for a more architectural finish.

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