Get The Look: Jessica Biel’s Hairstyle At The 2012 ESPYS

Girls, I GASPED when I saw Jessica Biels hairstyle courtesy of hairstylist Mara Roszak at the 2012 ESPYS. That height! That pony! It’s all SO Valley of the Dolls. I’m definitely going to recreate this one on my own for a wedding this summer. Here’s the rundown on how you can, too (because BBJ is a place of SHARING, beauties).  In Mara’s words:

“I usually like to blow dry the bangs first while they are still damp because they are easier to manipulate before they’re dry. Apply Phyto Volumactive root spray to damp hair and blow dry with a round brush, creating pin curls after each section. Spray all over lightly with Moroccanoil Hairspray Light. Remove the pins and gently brush out. Tease the crown and pull back into a mid-height pony. Wrap a bit of hair around the elastic and spray all over wih Moroccan oil hairspray Light.”

What’s your stance on Jessica Biel’s hairstyle at the 2012 ESPYS?

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