Neon + Neutral Manicure

Inspired by this Pinterest pic, I headed down to Brooklyn yesterday for my gal Keri Blair (Nail Art Junkie) to gel my nails up with this combo of neons and neutrals.
It’s a modern color take on an ’80s obsession with triangles. They remind me a little of the decor in Full House’s DJ Tanner’s bedroom. As for the colors, Keri and I made the executive decision to do grey instead of beige (pretty much anything is better than BEIGE, right?) and when I couldn’t decide whether to do neon yellow or pink, Keri said, “Let’s do both!” So we did.

The mani is also influenced by the geometric aesthetic of Parker Lewis Can’t Lose.

Coolness. Do you like my mani? What’s on your nails this week? 

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