Launch an All Out WAR on Acne with Zeno

Haven’t you just had it with zits? Why are they still a part of my lifestyle? I’m 27 years old, for the love. I’m not ProActive Solution style cystic acne-ing… but I get one bad one a month and despite trying different face washes, moisturizers and treatments, nothing takes care of biz. Until I met the Zeno Pro Acne Clearing Device. Just a couple 2.5 minute treatments with this wonder tool and your pimple is kaput. Seriously. Instead of taking a week to heal, my cyclops-worthy forehead zit packed its bags within 24 hours and had vanished completely with no scarring by the end of 48 hours. The device uses heat to kill bacteria and shorten the life of your pimple (but don’t expect it to erase them immediately). Also, it only works on mild to moderate acne, and the tip of the device needs to be replaced every 90 uses, increasing the already high price of (gasp) $185. I’ll shell it out for clear skin. Comes in teal and pink. Best of all? It’s rechargable eliminating the need for batteries. I’ve given Zeno a home next to my cell phone and iPod charging station on my dresser. It’s that important.

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