It Factor Beauty Quick Blowdry Shampoo & Conditioner Review

First off, who DOESN’T want a cleansing combo that helps their hair dry faster than a straight stylist tells you he is? Enter It Factor Beauty Quick Blowdry Shampoo and Conditioner. It’s hair care that actually helps your mane dry half as fast, and I noticed, with less effort. It’s making me question my commitment to every-other-day stylings, in all honesty. Read on…
I whipped my mane into voluminous, gleaming shape within six minutes (it usually takes ten) post-shower. It even dries naturally faster–by the time I got to my bangs (I start with the bottom layers when I dry), my bangs were nearly ready to go. The set is designed to protect color and arm against frizzing and flyaways, as well. How does it work? The brand utilizes a VaporBoost System that reduces the attraction between the hair and the water to speed up the evaporation, which in turn, makes drying your locks less of a time-consuming activity.

Currently available for two hair types (fine hair or medium to coarse hair) the shampoos and conditioners are also free of harsh sulfates, parabens, sodium chloride and alcohol, and are safe on colored and chemically straightened/smoothed hair, as well.

Its speedy delivery makes it reminiscent of Marty McFly’s famous 2015 self-drying jacket in Back to the Future II (see below at :45).

Come on. You know this hair care combo is your follicular density. 

It Factor Quick Blowdry Shampoos and Conditioners retail for $22.50 each at professional salons nationwide (check to locate one near you).
And tell me: What would you do with your extra few minutes in the morning? 

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