How to Stay Fit Over The Holidays And More Links

Funny sexy dude Jon Hamm

Health expert Dr. Raj tells you how you can stay fit over the holidays
[Betty Confidential]

Compliments that are insanely offensive now
[College Candy]

An amazing list of funny, hot dudes

Allison’s secret to huge lashes
[Women’s Health]

What Tamz doesn’t need to read when she’s trying to “jam a tam”
[Fashion Binge]

Arizona Muse rocking Tom Ford makeup
[Into The Gloss]

Cat discusses the trend to wear a placenta as a facial mask (seriously)
[Xo Jane]

The (in my opinion) DISGUSTOR trend of posting awkward glamorous pregnancy photos on Facebook
[The Luxury Spot]

Vogue’s Dress The Part series this time is The Talented Mr. Ripley. Such understated GLAM

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