Get Involved: Yumi Kim Romper

Thank you to Dina for introducing me to the WONDER that is a Yumi Kim jumper (their term for a romper). After checking out Dina’s new digs on NYC’s Lower East Side, we swung by the Yumi Kim boutique, which houses all manner of glamazing silk clothing gems (Dina even brought home pillowcases, as well). Lately, I don’t even feel DRESSED unless I’m swathed in silk. I left with two silk rompers–one in a vibrant bright blue called the Leah Romper, the other in a ’70s hot Crayola 8-pack purple hue called the Liz Romper ($196, pictured on model, above). It’s a VERY Mrs. Roper meets Charlie’s Angels moment every time I wear it in that it’s a Farrah cut–but a Mrs. R fabric and I LOVE that.

Check out the full selection of Yumi Kim jumpers at

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