Scrub of Glamber: Malie Organics Polish

Remember when Seinfeld’s George Costanza declared it “Summer of George?”

Well, this summer is officially Summer of Glamber. I’m freaking DUE. Last summer, I took my first real vacation in two years. Before that, I’d been on a 3-year rotation per vacation. That blows. Because for 3-4 years, writing this blog in addition to working full time allowed me zero off-time for anything other than blog-related activities like Fashion Week. And while greaaaaaaat, they’re still work. Better work, but work. So this summer, now that I’m fully freelance, I decided to make this THE Summer of Glamber. It’s been travel up the whazoo. All the places and things I’ve been wanting to do for the past five years but either didn’t have the vaca time or money to do? Happened THIS summer. Fort Lauderdale, Tahiti, Tikehau, Anguilla, Turks and Caicos and finally the Summer of Glamber swan song San Diego. When I skipped a hair care brand’s dinner last night and the PR gals were asking my friend Andrea where I was, she answered “She’s probably at some volcano somewhere far flung right now.” Actually, I was on my couch watching True Blood, but it was a good guess. Read on…

Lots of sunny locales, lots of scaly skin that needed to be sloughed off pre-beach. And my scrub of choice? Malie Organics’ new Orchid Organic Body Polish. It’s my last-shower-before-the-plane-ride scrub, as I ALWAYS underestimate how long it takes to pack. I usually assign myself an insane to-do list the night before an early departure which includes packing WHILE writing two freelance articles, four blog posts all the while engaging in phone convos. I love Malie’s new orchid scrub as it moisturizes enough for me to skip a post-shower hydration with a separate lotion (I KNOW. As Elaine Benes would say, “GET OUT!”) and preps my skin for a SAFE tan, achieved through determination and lots of reapplications of SPF 30. The skin softening granules are mixed with pieces of real orchid petals for a beautifully scented polishing experience that will leave your skin Thandie Newton smooth and glowing. ALWAYS the goal.

Malie Organics Orchid Organic Body Polish retails for $28 on Malie’s website.

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