Fantasy Aspirational Hair At Alexander McQueen’s Fall 2011 Runway Show

The hairstyle at Alexander McQueen‘s Fall 2011 show strikes me as quite futuristic. The look at Alexander McQueen was made up of silver and black clips all over the head to looks like a helmet. Said Guido, Redken Creative Consultant, “Overall this season we created very wearable looks, but this is not one of them. Often we talk about Fashion Week hairstyles as being more fantasy and aspirational, and the look we created today at Alexander McQueen is just that. When developing this look, I took inspiration from old paintings of women going into battle and different helmets from the middle ages, representing a very strong, confident woman .”

Create the Look:

Pull hair into a low ponytail

Place silver (or black) clips down the ponytail (about ¾)

Flip ponytail up and secure to the back of the head

Place clips around all other hair exposed portions of the head so hair is completely covered

What do you think of this look?

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