Core Fusion Month-long Project: Week 4

Guys, we’ve approached the end of my Core Fusion month-long project! With Catherine Hesse’s nutritional guidance and many, many classes, I’ve definitely toned up. People at work even told me I looked as if I lost weight, which is semi-shocking because while my overall measurements aren’t so dramatic (1/4 inch off my neck, a couple inches off my waist and hips). However, I do feel more toned and that my body has begun to change and get longer and leaner. I feel it’s a good start, and I’m going to continue my progress!

Four additional things I learned to love this past week about Core Fusion:
1. The fact that the sweat level post-class isn’t egregious (Philbin)

2. You can wear whichever shoes you’d like to class because you simply wear socks while you’re Core Fusioning.

3. Going with a friend is more fun. I started coordinating with Jenn Falik so we could make WTF faces at each other during the bar portion of class when our thighs would start burning from squatting all the way down and halfway up.

4. The tush lifts at the end are totally reminiscent of that hilar part of Romy and Michele’s High School Reunion when Romy says to Michele, “Michele? What does this remind you of?” And then Michele responds, “Oh I KNOW, this lady is totally sick!” I think of that part every time the end of class nears. Check it out at 1:08 below:

I’m continuing my Core Fusion relationship by taking weekly classes at the Gansevoort Park Avenue Exhale Spa location and am investing in packages in 10-packs, while switching that up with the DVDs chez my new apartment once I move at the end of the month. I’ll have room to pulse! And do pretzels!

You can buy the 7-disc DVD set for $70 on QVC.

Thanks to Fred Devito for the opportunity to do the project!


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2 Comments Core Fusion Month-long Project: Week 4

  1. Dori

    Wow, this month went by fast, I feel like you just started. Of course you got amazing results, how could you do these classes and not improve! And now you, like me, are hooked.


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