Travel Blogging Junkie: Delano South Beach

It’s time for another Travel Blogging Junkie post! Last week, I had the glamaze opportunity to stay at the Delano South Beach on a press trip through Schick Quattro. The Delano is famous for its whimsical, art-deco styling and its celebrity clientele.

The hotel boasts an indoor/outdoor lobby, which frequently hosts late-night minglers. The Philippe Starck-designed lobby is epic levels of sophisticated gorgeness. He curated a stunning collection of international furniture and objects that inspire me to blow my entire allowance on enormous tufted pieces like this fainting couch (a FAINTING COUCH! I require one.) the beauty writers, Lippe Taylor publicists and Schick Quattro team are posing in front of in this photo, which I pilfered from Jeannine from Beauty Sweet Spot. You walk through the curtained hallway of mystery, each sectioned off into differently decorated experiences, evoking the gossamer lightness of a dream. Once on your hotel room floor, the sexy lighting concept illuminates large digital “here’s what’s going on” boards which share on a minute-to-minute basis the time and temperature. It’s almost like living in the inside of an iPhone. It gets better as you enter the suites. Check my video review:

The pool area is relaxing and is absolutely set up for ultimate indulging. There are bungalows complete with air conditioning, a full bedroom/bathroom, living room and TV situation so you can enjoy all the comforts of your Philippe Starck tricked-out room while pooling it up. The bar is enormous, so there’s nothing coming between you and your 2pm (or 9am–we don’t judge) mojito. The wait staff is friendly and the Blue Door restaurant fare is delicious and obv South Beach Diet-friendly (a diet I’m forever on). I indulged in some Mahi-mahi ceviche and their green salad with chicken. 

If you’re into exploring some other restaurants, I highly recommend Philippe at the Gansevoort Hotel (a culinary delight of an experience you can also get in New York, thank G-d–I could write a sonnet about the sauce in which the chicken satay is dipped). We also enjoyed a decadent dins Cuban-style at D.Rodriguez at Hotel Astor.

But my favorite? In an outcome that will surprise exactly no one, it’s the spa. The Agua Spa is luxurious and restoring. Its wrap-around view is fabulous, as is its magazine selection and sitting area that’s perfect for gabbing with your girls pre-treatment. I experienced the best massage of my lifestyle. I do not exaggerate when I say it would be worth paying the extra rent to rent a two-bedroom apartment in Manhattan for this masseuse to live with me so that I can experience that massage on a regular. I’m pretty sure Lady Gaga is talking about HER. And we’ve all got it wrong–gender be damned. An hour-long Agua Massage at the Delano will set you back $140.

Ask for Alejandra.

Delano South Beach is located at 1685 Collins Avenue Miami Beach, Florida.Call 800.697.1791 for reservations.

Disclosure: Room, meals and spa service provided on a press trip through Schick Quattro

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  1. Kimmie

    OMG, I had Eddie – he was fab and our trip was ah-maze!!! I just got back last night from the other half of the trip! In addition I love your sayings!!! My post goes up on Thurs sigh can we all have a permanent Bungalow 8 attached no matter where we are?

  2. Amber Katz

    Julia, you would feel things DEEPLY much in the manner of CeCe Bloom from Beaches for that spa. You must plan a trip, stat. Countdown to Hawaii 5.0. xo


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