Destination: Procrastination

Free birth control: Yay or nay?

Oh, yes she did. Cloris Leachman has jealousy issues with Betty White
Jenn Falik identifies a hand cream that kills germs as well. Perf for fellow straphangers!
[Jenn Falik’s Favorite Finds]

As the Gap “gals” said in the epic SNL skit from the show’s golden age in the ’90s, “cinch it!”

Kristen has the deets on Ali Larter’s look at Comic-Con
[Beauty Addict]

 S.S. Fair shares her favorite summer scents
[The Moment]

The Gloss’ resident dude columnist makes the case for taking your man’s last name

Annie’s got drugstore steals and deals
[Blogdorf Goodman]

Michelle reviews the Essie Summer 2010 collection
[All Lacquered Up]

BellaSugar identifies a wave spray that imparts oomph without weighing hair down

Channel your inner Alexis Carrington: Jumpsuits are having a mo
[College Fashion]

Image: Beauty Addict

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