Bond Girl Bronze

So working, freelancing, writing this blog and trying to have a life in between leaves me little time to self-tan. This Thursday, my skin was virtually the same exact color as Colin Craven‘s of The Secret Garden. My friend Julia recommended Guerlain’s Terracotta Sunless Tinted Self-Tanning Gel and I so took her advice. She’s usually right when it comes to beauty. She’s French. I’m now feeling a little less bond girl (a girl who works for a bond rating agency) and a little more Bond Girl.

This tinted gel goes on easily, nourishes skin with hydration, and applies with minimal streaking. It smells pretty much of nothing when it goes on, the next morning, there’s a very faint DHA scent that fades as the day wears on. The best part? It can be used on the face and the body. I have the intense tan version, and it even looks natural on me, the palest person in hist. Check it out at Sephora, Saks, or Nordstrom.

UPDATE: It will be available March 10th at Saks.

In other news, I’m home sick. I woke up this morning with NO voice and glands the size of… New Jersey. UGH. Anyone know a good primary care physician in NYC? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. spielen

    I like this product, it gives the best natural bronze color ever! Not orange. But although I don’t have sensitive skin it irritated my neck, not my face . Also it doesn’t lasts so long you have to re-apply it every night, I don’t know may be I clean my skin too much.

  2. Nina

    Thank you! There is actually a backstory to this – Guerlain made the BEST tinted self tanner and I wore it for years and then of course they discontinued it ! It had been at least 4-5 years – I’m so excited!

  3. CKR

    Angelo Pilla is the best doctor ever. I’ve been seeing him for years. His number is 212 228 8558. His office is on E.22 st and he really listens and takes time. He also shys away from over medicating people.


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