Makeup of a Renaissance Woman

Hi, dolls.

I’m taking a break from my Renaissance-themed flu I’m undergoing. Have you ever had a theme sickness? I only feel like I can LIVE if I’m either watching The Tudors (the dude who plays Charles Brandon is supercute) or reading The Other Boleyn Girl, which is fantastic. I’m about halfway through, it’s a quick read.

Anywho, Renaissance women, I’ve realized, wear minimal eye makeup, and focus more on blush. They’re usually very pale (yay!) and wear either a tiny bit of liner and some mascara or just some pale shadow with mascara. To channel Lady Mary Boleyn, I suggest using Nars Eyeshadow Duo in Alhambra, $32. The compact houses two medium gold shades, one more pinky, one more beigey.

Once applied, then stomp around wearing low cut dresses with fabu Rapunzel hair screaming, “it’s DONE!” all you like. This shadow may even be the stuff you need to produce a male heir. Just saying.

4 Comments Makeup of a Renaissance Woman

  1. MonkeyPosh

    I so love when you are kooky and hilarious. You totes make me laugh!!!!!
    Happy Weekend Pretty Lady!

    I hopeth you feelth better by the fortnight.

    Whatever..get well soon you Elizabethan hottie!

  2. Henna

    Oooh, I’m going to see the movie on Monday… I should really pick up the book before then and I’m glad you told me it’s a quick read so that I actually feel like reading it.


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