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I don’t know if it was the closer proximity to the Canadian border when I attended college in Boston or what but I was positively dripping in MAC makeup in my late teens/early 20s. I would rarely wear any other brand. Frequent trips to Montreal were made so my six other roommates and I could drain Holt Renfrew of their MAC stash. And then, mysteriously, post-college, I was over MAC. There was no reason for it, I just neglected all other brands for so long, I felt I’d needed to make up for lost time. I familiarized myself with a lot of other brands later in college (I became BFF with one fabulous sales associate at the YSL counter at Saks in Copley – do visit him if you’re in the area) and then started working in New York at a PR Agency that represented a lot of great other brands and fell in lurve. Also, I think overdosing on it resulted in my temporary distaste. The same thing once happened to me with funnel cake. But Mercedes Benz Fashion Week sponsor MAC Trendspot has once again brought MAC back into the forefront of my mind. I’ve received MAC brushes, glosses, and eye liners in several gift bags, and have yet to try out all of them because I’m moving tomorrow and figure the less open products to move, the better. But there are three MAC prods I couldn’t resist tearing into, packing be damned.

MAC Plushglass in Angel Cream $17.50
I’ve been looking for a 60s pink that isn’t shimmery, opaque, or too white. This, friends, is IT. This hint-of-mint tasting soft, creamy peachy pink gloss is perfect with a grey smokey eye lined with serious gel liner and little mod dress (I envision one in cream.) Can’t you just see the big hair that needs to accompany it? This gloss requires coordinating volume at the crown. Don’t dream of wearing it without it.

MAC Technakohl Liner in Brownborder $14.50
What has it been, like, 5 minutes since I’ve discussed a brown eye pencil? This is a user-friendly mechanical pencil-style liner. It goes on with exceedingly fab glide and produces creamy intense color. Blends on application: dries quickly to a long-wear, non-smudge finish.

MAC 227 Large Eye Fluff Brush $30
Two things I love:

1. The fact that this brush’s number is 227, just like the name of one of my fave 80s shows (remember “Maaaarrry?”)
2. It’s the only eye shadow brush I’ve found to date (and the search has been long, dolls) that actually works to wash my enormous eyelid real estate with sheer eye shadow. I have SO MUCH eyelid real estate it’s ridic. Have I mentioned this? Lash to eyebrow is something like 2 full inches. Maybe more. This brush does the job.

Only 11.5 hours till the second episode of LOST this season! I heard on one of the nerdy LOST sites I frequent that this episode “kicks 17 kinds of ass.” If that isn’t a testimonial, I don’t know what is!

Photo Credit: Beauty Blogging Junkie,, MAC Cosmetics

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  1. Kara

    ps: i remember watching 227 with my mom when i was little! remember Jacquay?! i know that can’t be the right spelling but I KNOW you know who i mean! i had forgotten all about 227!!!

  2. Kara

    plushglasses are hands down my all-time favorite glosses EVER!!!!! i am absolutely obsessed with them, they have monopolized the part of my brain devoted to lip gloss. i want Angel Cream bad but can’t find it anywhere! however, the ones i have are amazing, my fave being Wildy Lush which is the perfect nude gloss, it’s like C-thru’s easier to wear, better looking little sister. also Ample Pink is gorgeous, Cushy White is great for a clear gloss with a hint of cloudiness that gives a little nude to your lips, Big Baby is a pretty shimmery pink, and Oversexed (my newest must have) is the most gorgeous berry lip ever. can you tell i’m obsessed much?!?!?! also both the MSFs from the N collection are TO DIE FOR! i’ve been wearing Light Flush EVERY SINGLE DAY since i got it. yay for MAC!!! 😀


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