WANT: Anthropologie Nimbus Duvet

Joyce Kilmer once said, I think that I will never see a poem lovely as a tree. I, in turn, thought that I would never see a duvet lovely as my Anthropologie Cirrus set.

 Let me tell you a little story about it. I stared at it online every day for about two years–2006-2008, waiting for it to go on sale. It has yet to. I couldn’t stop thinking of it, so I invested the $250 for JUST the duvet (not even the shams). I had to throw that shiz on my credit card because mama did NOT have cash. You know?

I cherished and adored that duvet for YEARS never switching it up because I was so damn obsessed. People come over and DIE over my duvet. And I don’t blame them. It rocks the home decor FUNK. It is, in the select words of Diana Vreeland, the most gorgeous thing since the gondola. Well, imagine how I felt to discover that Anthropologie has ensnared me once AGAIN with a new and improved version on my current bedding relationship. They’ve gone and created the EXACT SAME situation, but out of soft, gorgeous JERSEY and kept it in the cloud theme by calling it Nimbus. And it’s in a cocoa color (my current is grey).

WTF, Anthro? My head is about to effing explode. I’m so stressed out right now!

The Anthropologie Nimbus bedding set is available on anthropologie.com.

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2 Comments WANT: Anthropologie Nimbus Duvet

  1. Penney

    You’re right, but, I think it’s almost a blessing in disguise.
    You can now have fun, mixing up some other cool pillows and fabrics! Greys, Blk n Wht..have fun!! It’s so lovely!

  2. Cornsnake

    Why did you show this to me – now I have to have it. Do you think they will give us a discount for purchasing it together. I want to wake my sick husband up and demand that he looks at it. Shame on you for tempting me with such pretties!


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