Canyon Ranch Launches 360 Well-Being iPad App

I like to joke about taking a mental trip to Canyon Ranch during the day (especially on days when I’m at my finance gig), and thanks to the brand’s new iPad app, this can be a reality. 

Canyon Ranch is launching their 360 Well-Being iPad application on January 6. Categorized by Mind, Body and Spirit, 360 Well-Being helps you keep it Zen with a collection of 21 fitness and food videos, 91 actionable articles and tips, 20 meditations and three audio meditations from Canyon Ranch experts.

While the 360 Well-Being iPad application features an abundance of fitness information, the Canyon Ranch Everyday Fitness app, the first in the series that launched in late December, provides more tips and exercises, so you can fit a mini-workout into daily activities. Can’t make it to your daily gym session? Everyday Fitness provideson-the-go content to help you to reach your fitness goals through a strong variety of videos, articles, and tips on fitness, yoga, pilates, flexibility, strength and posture.

For a sneak peak and to test portions of the applications, visit and the Canyon Ranch Facebook Page.

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