The Mascara R18 Official Mascara Correspondent Is Obsessed With

mascara2 (1)As a contact wearer, using a fiber mascara is usually like entering the Danger Zone. Often flaky and hard to remove, finding a good one is like Russian Roulette.

2288330Upon first inspection, this version is ultra creamy (a good sign.) The brush is curved with soft bristles and grabs a lot of product from the tube. One coat gives me soft fluff with a bit of length and as far as I can tell, not a ton of fibers being built up.

However the magic really happens with coat two. This second coat really grips to my lashes and I see my lashes almost double in size. There’s some nice volume built at the roots and the ends are full without being clumpy. My lashes were pretty hard by the afternoon so I couldn’t really go in for a touch-up but they still looked pretty plumped.

The formula is pretty inky so I needed eye makeup remover and soap and water to remove all traces. However, this fiber formula didn’t flake or hurt my eyes so I’d recommend this one!

—Ashleigh Ciucci

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