This Mascara Gives Major Lash

mascara2The Super Sizer is the newest addition to the Cover Girl Mascara Army: next to LashBlast Length that offers 80% longer lashes and Clump Crusher that offers 200% more volume, this touts 400% more corner to corner volume.  Take these numbers for what you will, the bottom line is this mascara DOES give major lash.
cg_super_sizer_mascara_3With its rubbering baseball bat shaped brush, one coat is so so soft that you’re trepidatious to buy into the promise.  But with that second coat, that’s where the magic happens.  The mini bristles grip the lashes and give lots of volume and those clumps you like.  My lashes look super long and thick, yay! The formula is slightly brittle so my midday bump-up didn’t happen but my lashes still popped so I didn’t mind throwing off my routine.
I needed eye makeup remover at the end of the night to remove all traces but the payoff of the day was well worth it.  Another win for CoverGirl! Buy this baby!
CoverGirl The Super Sizer Mascara retails for $6.37 at

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