ck Calvin Klein Delicious Light Glistening Lip Gloss

Calvin Klein recently introduced their new beauty line which I am LOVING thus far. This brand certainly wins the innovative luxe packaging award. I plan to review several of the products in the extensive line but first, we must discuss ck Delicious Light Glistening Lip Gloss in Knockout. I may or may not have been watching Bravo’s new reality show, Make me a Supermodel this weekend and in between simultaneously coveting Niki Taylor’s dangling earrings and questioning her relevance in the 00s, I fell in LURVE with the no nonsense light fuscia lip color on Aryn during the catwalk bathing suit challenge. I can totally replicate it with my new ck gloss, $16 at Sephora. It produces superglossy, wet shine that moisturizes with minimal stickiness. Love, love, love. More ck reviews to come!

Photo credit: Left: ck gloss packaging. Right: knockout dollop.

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  1. Tramrak

    hi fab! when the CK line first came out i went to size it up at my Macy’s and there were some promising looking items, most notably a liquidy concealer that worked really well on my chronic i-just-got-punched-in-both-eyes circles! i would have spent more time there looking but there was a RABID SA who attacked me and really went for the kill with the “SIT DOWN NOWWWWWWWWW and let me put 10,000 things on your face pleeeeaaaaase!” which makes me instantly panic and flee. which is just what i did 😀


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