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I’m dying to try these Hello Skinny Jeans that forever beckon to me from the Bliss website. It’s so evil that they’ve extended both their clever copywriting skills and their Internet space to clothing. As if we don’t have enough problems. I’ve always been a faithful Seven for All Mankind fan when it comes to denim. They make my ample ass look less so, and for that, I’m incredibly indebted. So much so, that I rarely buy other brands. I had a short tryst with Citizens of Humanity (designed by a former Seven for All Mankind designer) but something about that squiggly “H” on the back pockets makes my behind look positively enorm.

Anywho, I haven’t tried Hello! ($178) but am intrigued. The wash is right, they’re neither too skinny nor too wide and the rise appears to be high enough without veering into Mom Jean territory. Has anyone tried these? Let me know what you think in the comments! It looks, however, like I won’t be trying these out for a while anyway, as only a size 26 is in stock. I am a size 26 only in my better dreams.

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  1. Carolyn Gray...

    I ordered a pair of these jeans earlier this year, and my experience was wonderful (e.g., prompt delivery, quality worksmanship, flattering fit, etc.).

    They are the most expensive jeans I ever bought, but I love them. So much so that I am wearing them on the cover of my new book (Secrets of a Skinny Jean Queen)! I think Ms. Hart did a great job, and I will eventually buy a black pair. I guess everyone has different experiences with things…

    Carolyn Gray

  2. Anonymous

    OK guys–I had to get a pair of these after reading all the blogs on this product! I can only speak for myself, but I’ve found that Hello!skinnyjeans actually DO what they claim–hold their shape in the rear! I no longer have the budget I once had for clothes, or practially anything else for that matter! I will not waste money on other brands of jeans in the future because they just wind up looking loose and frumpy, sometimes after I wear them ONCE!! I will admit I was a jeans jumkie–I have a stack of ’em on my closet shelf to prove it. Wish I had stumbled on skinnyjeans a little sooner….

  3. Anonymous

    I will have to say that I have received nothing but great customer service from skinnyjeans.com. I am currently serving overseas and have had a few questions for them; not only have they been prompt in responding, but they have been extremely nice and accommodating. I am sorry some of you had a bad experience, but as far as I am concerned, they have been fantastic.

  4. Amber

    Anon–I don’t censor comments unless they’re inappropriate. If someone had a bad experience with these jeans (and I hope you realize this post is from a year and a half ago), why should I delete her comment?

  5. Anonymous

    Just wanted to add my two cents….It seems unfair that this company is getting so slammed. I had a very positive experience when I ordered my jeans. The customer service people were polite and I got my jeans in a reasonable amout of time. These jeans are custom made and not all of the sizes are in stock. Perhaps that could account for the delay? Beauty Blogging Junkie you are correct in not publishing the nasty comments that are not constructive. I am very happy with my Hello Skinny Jeans….

  6. Anonymous

    i just received a pair i ordered at ultimo.com and they are better than i could imagine! and quick shipping!! most importantly. they were in stock, i hate to wait

  7. Anonymous

    Everytime I wear my skinny jeans I get stopped and asked where I got them. Most of you woman have to realized that if you are really fat, don’t expect miracles….but for most “normal” girls, they will definitely give you an attractive silhouette and a “leggy” look,they suck in your thighs!
    The fabric is very nice and they are well made. I had no problem gettting mine from the site

  8. rachel

    I love mine, but I got them from lechicshop.com — not the HSJ site. I don’t think the denim is cheap… it’s just not what you’re used to with “premium” jean brands. The material really holds my thighs in, and I can actually feel it lifting my butt and saddlebags. For reference, I wear a size 2 in Lucky brand and I bought the size 25 in HSJ.

  9. Anonymous

    I ordered a pair and paid with paypal and after two months was told my jeans were being sent out. I was even sent a tracking number. When nothing came after a couple of weeks, I figured out that the tracking information was ’empty’ (the parcel was never given to the shipping company). I emailed, called and no response…finally, filed a claim to get my money back and am still waiting. After my claim was filed, I got very nasty emails from the company. This is three months after my order and payment. I do NOT recommend using this website.

  10. Anonymous


    I ordered my jeans on the HSJ’s on Aug. 11. After not hearing anything from the company for four plus weeks, I emailed first (no reply) and called the following week. Again no response.

    I then received a reply to my 2week old email that my jeans wopuld be shipping soon. THEN 3 minutes later i got an email stating that since my order had been outstaiding for over 30 days it was now null and void and i would need to reorder.

    Simply put. Terrible customer service. And from what i’ve read here HSJ may have done me a favor. Thanks for this great informational blog.

  11. Anonymous

    I was intrigued by this product too after reading about it in a magazine. When I looked at the comparison pictures on its website, I was a bit skeptic because the way they had the jean models look was misleading. The “bad jean” were always shorter in length (which gives a shorter leg look)while the “Hello” jeans were longer which gives it the leaner look. Not to mention, the posture of the jean model can also make it look better. Plus, the “bad jeans” worn by the models looked like it was purposely chosen to not be the right size.
    However, I decided I could give it a try considering I am a denim addict and always willing to see if it “works” … needless to say, I returned it.

    The jeans are not worth the price considering that the claims were not up to par. I would rather pay up to $300 for a pair of jeans that I know would fit much better.

  12. Anonymous

    I finally got mine after waiting over a month. They’re definitely not all they are cracked up to be. I agree with the previous comment about the denim being cheap, it is. The waist is way too high too, they look like mom jeans. Sending mine back also.

  13. anonymous

    I really like these jeans and they do seem to help. i know a little about sewing and the button is a swivel button, not about to fall off! No one else uses them because they are expensive but nicer to use.I ordered 2 pairs to see which i liked and they had no problem with that- they said a lot of their customers did that– like taking a couple pair into the dressing room. When you do get them on the phone they are supernice, but really busy.

  14. Anonymous

    I ordered these jeans 6 weeks ago and finally received them yesterday. Unfortunately, I’m not impressed. The denim quality is cheap and the button seems like it’s about to fall off. I didn’t notice any real slimming properties either. They’re going back. If you are interested, I would stay away from the skinnyjeans.com website as they do not respond to emails regarding your order. I think Intuition has them. Hope they work better for someone else.

  15. Fabulista


    I don’t ADVERTISE anything on my blog. I simply say what works for me and I talk about things I’m interested in trying out. The jeans are the latter. I’ve never worn them. I’ve never bought them. They simply interested me. I have never had to moderate comments on this blog before, but you started using my blog as a platform to ruin someone else’s business and I think it’s inappropriate. That’s why I’ve been deleting your inappropriate comments you keep reposting. If you’d like to start an anti-skinny jeans blog, that’s your prerogative.

    Best of luck.

  16. Anonymous

    Why don’t you want people to know the truth? Isn’t that what the blog should be about? It’s obvious you’re only advertising a BAD product. Shame on you for ripping people off!!!!
    Stay tuned for an anti-skinny jeans website. And you can forward that message on Catherine Hart.


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