Better Than An Umbrella: Coiffie

I have an irrational hatred of hats.
They ruin my hair, they look pretentious on me and carrying them without crushing them is a power the world seems to possess that I don’t. I also loathe carrying umbrellas. They’re unwieldy, they’re cumbersome (even the small ones) and I’m always caught without one at least once a month. I’ve kept small ones on me constantly, but that seems like a waste of precious purse real estate.

My gal Aly Walansky shares my feelings on umbrellas, but she has her own solution. She keeps a “blow-out protector kit,” as advised by her mother. It contains a shower cap (sometimes 2) a hair band and clips to hold it in place. Says Aly, “I also wear it in non- rain wet situations – including water rides!” Well, Aly will be elated to find out about a genius solution called the Coiffie. While this on-its-own hood may not be the sexiest thing in the world, it’s one of the most useful. It snaps on and off, the lining folds back to fit your head perfectly, it can be flipped to the front to act as a scarf AND it folds compactly for portability.  So you will always be prepared and you will NEVER have to stand under someone’s umbrella (ella, ella, ella). 

No clouds in my storms 
Let it rain, 
I hydroplane into fame 
Comin’ down like the Dow Jones 
When the clouds come, we gone 

When it’s comin’ down like the Dow Jones, just bust out your own Coiffie you keep in your purse for just these occasions. More compact and lighter than an umbrella, you’ll never endure an assassinated blow-out again.

Coiffie is available in taupe or black (and in two different fabrics) for $54 at

What’s your rainy day emergency hair strat?

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