Notable Happenings of the Weekend

I had a VERY adolescent-style weekend. I became unreasonably addicted to my brother’s new Nintendo DS. What game? NINTENDOGS. It’s the game where you get a simulated pet puppy and you pet it, take it for walks, buy it things and feed it. It sounds ridiculous, right? I mean, you turn the game on and you’re alerted to the status of your puppy (my brother’s is a lovely golden retriever puppy named Buddy), whether he’s hungry, thirsty, needs to go for a walk, etc. And then you do the appropriate thing. And he’s all affectionate and happy to SEE you when you get there! It’s THE BEST. If you turn it on after midnight, he’s SLEEPING in an an adorable puppy lump. Right now, I miss him. Can you BELIEVE? It’s beyond the most ridiculous thing that’s ever happened to me. Until the very next day, when I became introduced to Hannah Montana, a show on the Disney Channel about a 14 year old who’s secretly a pop singer. I’ve only heard the album, and have yet to see the show, but ser? I’m going to have to BUY it. I REALLY enjoy the songs on there. PS Hannah is played by Billy Ray Cyrus’ daughter. My life is a SITCOM lately it’s so strange.

In other news, I purchased a DELECTABLE yellow Prada halter dress from MARSHALL’S for $120. It’s nothing short of amazing. It’s marigold and I am totes going to channel the hell out of Michelle William’s Oscar dress moment with the red lipstick when I find a reason to wear it. And that Grassroots shampoo? THE BEST. It’s exactly moisturizing enough that my flat-ironed ends don’t looked fried when I use it. Get some, stat.

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