Arbonne est Bonne, en Fait!

Avon, Mary Kay, and most recently, Arbonne ladies are the cosmetic equivalent of drug dealers in my lifestyle. You can only partake of their riches if you buy directly through the “pusher,” to use Mean Girls terminology. For someone with a problem (like myself, por ejemplo), I usually find it easier to do my beauty buying solo. Like, dealing with NO ONE. That’s why I love a Sephora.

Anywho, I have no need to fear a “dealer” anymore, because I just found out that you can purchase all the Arbonne you’d like via the Interwebs. My “dealer” is Janice Moone and her site can be accessed here: I’ve already blogged about how much I love the brand’s phenom Regain Illuminating Enzyme Peel.

I’m newly smitten with their NutriminC Corrective Eye Creme ($49) and ReCover Night Creme ($79, pictured). A night slathered up with both of these gems will lead to a morning of different (in a good way) feeling skin–almost as if there were a change in cellular makeup. It actually encourages cell recovery as you sleep and wake up with refreshed, hydrated, more even skin.

Have you tried this brand? Tell me what you think in the comments.

2 Comments Arbonne est Bonne, en Fait!

  1. Storybird

    The new RE9 Advanced Anti-aging is even more amazing than the original. I LOVE this lines and they just came out with a renewel mask that I used last night and my skn is glowing today. Can’t say enough.

  2. Lexi

    i love their face wash system with mint in it. it is one of the few products ive used that gets rid of my acne without . my mom sells arbonne and used me as her guinea pig…complete with before and after pictures for her clients lol


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