Me, Campy? Never!

I forgot just how influenced I was by Jonathan Adler’s general lifestyle after reading this April 2005 article in the New York Times. To say nothing of his interior design and furniture forays, I am just totally into the ENTIRE way he moves through his life. I obviously appreciate his word abbreviations (although that wasn’t something I learned from the article). But I do have to figure out a way to “use ‘Mary’ as an all-purpose designation for virtually anyone [I] encounter, regardless of that person’s sex.”

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Smooth Operator: Kiss My Face Peach& Creme Moisture Shave

TGIF, dolls!

I have to tell you, I’ve NEVER shaved my legs as much as I have this week. I’m perilously close to the city limits of Razorburnville because I’ve been testing and retesting so as to provide you with the 5 best shave products in my arsenal of shaving paraphernalia. But that’s what must be done and I will rise to the challenge for all of you.

BT dubs, throughout the tenure of Smooth Operator Week, I never shared what razor I use. How stu is that? I am a loyal fan of the Gilette Fusion (non power version). Women’s razors just don’t work the way I want them to. My mother is happy as heck with a Flicker (remember those?) and I still don’t understand how she removes hair with a circular wire-wrapped razor. I’ve tried it and after a shaving, I am still feeling the stubble. I progressed to a Gillette Sensor for Women, which was mediocre. Then I realized that men’s razors are the way to go. The Mach 3 was good, then the Mach 3 Turbo was better, and now, the best thing on the market is the Gillette Fusion. Try it out.

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Smooth Operator: Aveeno Therapeutic Shave Gel

Sensitive skins will adore this rich, super-lathering gel designed to keep razor bumps at bay. It comes in a can, which is my favorite shave product packaging, and after use, my skin really was less irritated. The red bumps that frequently establish residency from my shin down were far less noticeable. The natural (no fragrances are added), mild almond scent is appealing for both men and women. The instructions advise you shave no more than once every other day, but who wants to shave more than that? Feel uber-virtuous because the container is recyclable AND it’s only $3.79. What’s better than that? Not one thing.

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Wish List for 2008!

I was totally inspired by Annieytown’s wish list over at Blogdorf Goodman and decided to start my own annual wish list tradition! Here it is:

Wish List for 2008

1. To be able to afford to live by myself within the next year .

2. To be able to actually ATTEND the fashion week events to which I am invited and not have to miss out due to work obligations.

3. To find my holy grail hair stylist and colorist… or just a stylist at the very least.

4. To visit Italy.

5. To return to Monte Carlo – my favorite place in the WORLD.

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My Very First Red

Pictured above are Fabulista (left) and Dana (right).

by Dana Michaelson

My fabu friend Fabulista invited me as her plus one to an event thrown by at Space NK. Being a part of corporate America and having absolutely no experience in the beauty world, (other than the makeup I wear Friday and Saturday nights) I was overwhelmed by the knowledge that these women had to offer. I was strongly encouraged by Fabulista and Ann from Blogdorf Goodman to try red lipstick. I had reservations: I associated lipstick (especially red lipstick) with my mother’s and grandmother’s generation. But I have to say, I was seduced by the sophistication that ensued after I applied. With a bit of encouragement, I slathered my lips up with Nars’ “Dragon Girl” Velvet Matte Lip Pencil and then completed “the look” with Nars’ Triple X, a clear lip gloss. Within moments I transformed from an ordinary brown-haired, brown-eyed girl into a young woman who was ready to hit the big city. The compliments that flew were profuse and I attribute them all to my red lips.

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Smooth Operator: Whish Shave Crave

Hi dolls!

Happy New! I hope your 2008 is off to a splendid start, as mine is. I was considering waiting until next week to kick off Smooth Operator Week, but know what? I think scaly, dry, far shaves (you know… the opposite of close shaves?) are SO 2007 and you should think so as well. So for that reason, Smooth Operator Week will last from today, January 2 through Tuesday, January 8. Because when you have a blog, you can design your own week that goes Wed-Tues.

I’ve been using Whish Shave Crave for the past couple of weeks and I adore it. I specifically enjoy the Papaya Coconut-scented version. It smells sublime – like a vacation with no scheduled activities other than beach time and relaxation. It’s comprised of coconut and papaya essential oil infused with natural ingredient (apparently secret, because it’s not mentioned on the Whish website) base of Shave Crave to create a moisturizing, restorative cream. It’s also hypoallergenic and not tested on animals.

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Favorite Things 2007!

It’s been an eventful, good year, although not my best year ever. According to VH1, that title went to Rehab. I kind of agree, when my 14 year old cousin found out that his grandfather was in rehab (as in, physical therapy), he was WILDLY impressed because he’d only heard rehab associated with celebrities. Meanwhile, his grandfather slipped and fell, hence the reason for the PT. This is the world in which our children live. Can you even?

I digress. My readership stats have skyrocketed in 2007 thanks to all of YOU! I appreciate the support, advice, hilarious comments, and community that you, the reader, bring to this site. I’ve made so many friends (both Internet and in real life) as a result of it and have even reconnected with old ones (hi, high school friends!). Thanks to Annie of Blogdorf Goodman for organizing Favorite Things 2007! I’ve included links to the original posts, click them for more info on each product. Have a fantastic holiday season and I hope 2008 is as fab as all of you are.

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Balancing Act

Have you been introduced to Artistry Essentials yet? The line was created for women whose beauty routine is quick and efficient (that’s you, right?). It includes formulas for ALL skins. Of late, I’m loving their Balancing Cleanser. Intended for combination-to-oily skin, it cleanses, clarifies, and mildly exfoliates (sans scrubby particles, its formula is designed to slough off dead skin cells). My sensitive skin is LOVING the lack of oil in its lifestyle (I no longer need to use a separate product to combat T zone shine) and my skin really is clearer.

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