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Christine at 15 Minute Beauty Fanatic tries out the most moisturizing body scrub she’s ever seen!

Savvy Skin presents Beauty Tips From Lolcats

What’s so great about Shanghai Lily: NARS Spring 2008? Daneen at Spoiled Pretty thinks…everything!

Check out the results of All Lacquered Up’s Fanatic’s Favorites Survey and see what polishes were voted the best of 2007.

Get your kabuki brush ready! Makeup Moxie reviews the new Maybelline Mineral Makeup.

Toya at The Life of A Ladybug tried out Prevage by Elizabeth Arden – and she LOVES it!

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See you at Sephora,

Drop the Thin Mints: Here’s Another Way to Support Girl Scouts

There are so many mysteries. For instance, I wonder why Sweeney Todd didn’t christen himself Todd Sweeney since he had a choice as that was not his original moniker. And who can guess why so many palettes are comprised of colors that work for half the population? I’ve never met a lip palette that housed colors that looked good on me. Until now. Enter Trish McEvoy’s Be Prepared Pink Maxed Out Gloss Kit, $21.

Possibly the cutest compact ever, this double decker palette squeezes a stunning spectrum of natural-looking glosses and lip colors into an astonishing 1.5”L X 2.125”W mirrored space. All eight shades are delightfully wearable. Colors range from shimmery champagne to universally flattering pinky brown to deeper sparkly rose.

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Come to the Ouidad Salon on February 11 for a "Curl’s Night Out!"


WHO: Ouidad, the renowned curl expert, wants to celebrate Valentine’s Day with a heart-felt thank you just for curly girls and their friends! (Did you know that 70% of the US population is naturally curly?)

A special evening at the flagship Ouidad Salon where the curl-blessed get to spend time with Ouidad and her staff. Activities will include:

Style demonstrations

Curl consultations

Gift certificates for services and products

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tarte’s We Wish You Health

tarte’s We Wish You Health Skinvigorating Discovery Kit is a fantastic compilation of gloss, mascara, face primer and chic eyeshadow, all specially formulated with ingredients to enhance both your looks and your health.

The real gem in the collection (and there always is one) is the inside out gloss in serenity. I love a sheer red gloss moment, and this one DELIVERS. It appears red in the bottle but is really sheer with a touch of shimmer. And, it’s powered by Borba, maker of nutraceuticals and cosmeceuticals. Mine’s almost gone and I’m already suffering separation anxiety. It’s non-sticky and tastes of fruity delishness.

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Fabulista Says Da!

It’s so painful for me to admit that I finally tried OPI nail polishes… and all the hype is true. They do last longer than Essie. I was initially turned off because I plum didn’t enjoy their shades as much as my old standby. But I have fallen in love with their Russian Collection and with one shade in particular called Suzi Says Da!.

This gorgeously decadent dark chocolate nail color can only be described as indulgent. The line was inspired by the aristocratic elegance of Russia’s past (very Crime & Punishment), a heritage passed down from generation to generation. The colors of this collection are lavish, sophisticated, and magnificently modern.

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Smooth Operator: BeneFit Bathina Sweet Satin Shaving Mousse

Smooth Operator Week concludes!

This preciously retro glam packaged large jar is meant for the bath, but is so adorable, you’ll want to display it in the boudoir. Inside is a luxe chamomile-scented shaving mousse that provides a soothing, creamy shave for temptingly smooth skin. The periwinkle tinted cream is decadent and a little goes a long way to reduce red bumps. Now, I still take issue with the packaging. I hate that it comes in a jar. It doesn’t lather, but works extremely well even without water for non-shower shavers and won’t gunk up your razor. I recommend it as a treat for those with non-addictive personalities. For those who are privy to addictions – buy it for friends as a gift. They’ll simultaneously adore you and curse you for getting them hooked on $26 (albeit for 12oz – that’s a large jar) shaving cream.

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Smooth Operator: Avon Derek Jeter Driven Ultimate Shave Gel

This is weird, I know. But as Tia Williams says, so is Christopher Walken, and he was delightful in Hairspray. I’m no stranger to men’s shaving products (as I mentioned, I even use a men’s razor). But I don’t like the Yankees. And I really don’t typically enjoy celeb-created products. However, Jeter’s shave gel is pretty phenom because it provides fantastic glide, a not-too-masculine scent (that fades fairly quickly anyway), and coats your skin thoroughly. It doesn’t foam up, but once you experience the glide, you won’t miss the foam. I also can cosign it because he partnered with Avon, and I’m usually impressed with their skincare products. Bonus: it reactivates lubrication with water for a comfortable shave for repeat strokes. At $6, you’ll become a Yankees fan. Or at least a DJ fan.

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MBTs for as Little as $98

There’s an MBT sale at and if you use the code elfish when you pay, they’re an extra 20% off making the black ones a total of $98 dollars. I just ordered a pair, they’re great for work (although admittedly, still ugly – but they do the job).
Memo to the person who wrote this on her blog riddled with bad grammar:

Then I googled the product and found a blog by someone who seriously needs some help, Beauty Blogging Junkie wrote,

Last night I applied some before dinner and ate a slightly smaller amount than usual. Then, this morning, I applied some before my morning commute to work. As a gal who usually lunches at noon (even when I eat breakfast), I was pretty stunned when I didn’t feel the need to grab food until 1:45pm. It’s true that I was busy… but I’m just saying. I usually never eat later than 1pm.

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Smooth Operator: Skin Milk Shave Milk

Oh, hi! I’m still dealing with a horrific cold (PS, it’s my second in 3 months… what is that about) but I managed to have a good weekend anyway. I took a lot of Nyquil, saw an off broadway play called Queens Boulevard, celeb-spotted Michael Kors (!) in front of the Regal Cinema in Union Square (thanks, L!), went to Mercbar for my friend Emily’s birthday bash, and saw P.S. I Love You with Lauren (I found it pretty cheesy with a grandiose soundtrack that didn’t go with the movie. But do see it for an appearance by the dude who played Denny in Grey’s Anatomy- He has an Irish ACCENT in it).

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