Lifestyle Award Nomination!

Wow, friends. January is FULL of highs and lows for me. First, I was BEYOND delighted to be featured in WWD’s top ten beauty blogs. That same day, I found out that a very good guy friend of mine from college / ex boyfriend hybrid was having a child out of wedlock with some girl he’s been seeing all of five minutes. It was weird news to say the least.

Today, I was unpleasantly surprised to learn what a certain NYT contributer thinks of beauty bloggers… but then later, I found out that I was nominated for a Lifestyle Award! Trendora, BTW, is a fabulous online designer shopping site based in Luxembourg. I’d like to thank whomever nominated me (you’re a doll!) and Romy and Michele for drawing my attention to the importance of using the word “lifestyle” incessantly and even replacing the word “life” with it regularly. “I mean, look at our LIFESTYLE. Look at the way we live.”–Michele.

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Kiehl’s Partners with New York Adorned to Create V Day Gift Set

Kiehl’s has partnered with a New York tattoo shop for Valentine’s Day. Their online and in-store customers will receive Kiehl’s temporary tattoos. Kiehl’s in-store customers can also customize their own lip gloss trios!

Kiehl’s has enlisted New York Adorned, the collective tattoo shop and jewelry store that’s right down the street from their New York flagship (Fabulista ADORES this Kiehl’s store… great samples, too), to design tattoo-inspired window and in-store displays to introduce Valentine’s Day and their new products. These images have been made into temporary tattoos, which will be passed out with every purchase for our customers to enjoy. The tattoos will also be included in every purchase on

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Beauty Blogs in the New York Times

Beauty blogs are in the news again, but this article is particularly scathing.

I don’t appreciate the writer of this article imperiously presuming we’re all “beauty whores.” And BTW, check out Christina‘s right-on retort.

Personally, I receive a lot of free products (the better to advise you with, my dear!) But anything I recommend on BBJ I actually use and like. And dolls, I still buy products. A lot of products. I started this blog because I adore BEAUTY and after spending anywhere from 10-15% of my money for the past 13 years on products, I appreciate every single freebie I get. Also, I spent over a year (15 months in fact) reviewing products I bought myself until I received my first free item. I started this blog without knowing that beauty bloggers even RECEIVED free stuff, nor the promise that I’d ever be the recipient of any “swag.”

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V Day Gift for your Dude: Every Man Jack Valentine’s Day Gift Set

The Every Man Jack Valentine’s Day Gift Set is a very economical $16. Available at and Target online (although, I just read that Target does not enjoy a blogger.. at all. Thanks to the Beauty Addict for posting!)

This brand is cleverly packaged, even more cleverly marketed (fab copywriting, ad team!) and works so well you’ll want to snag some of the products yourself.

Gift Set Includes:

Shave Gel Hydrating Formula – Fragrance Free
The Shave Gel’s rich formula contains methyl glucoside to lubricate skin to reduce shave friction, chamomile extract for soothing relief and hydration, aloe + Vitamin E to heal and protect, and glycerin to help skin retain moisture.

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Venus (Adonis Sold Separately)

If you haven’t, be sure to read Shakespeare’s poem, Venus and Adonis. There will be a pop quiz on Monday. Just kidding.

Inspire romance of Shakespearean proportions with the new Venus Embrace $12.25, to be released February 15.

This five-bladed wonder “corners like its on rails” in the words of fellow Prince fan, Pretty Woman‘s Vivian Ward. It pretty much glides over knees and ankles with curvy grace – it almost feels like the razor head is attached with springs. I’m VERY impressed: I haven’t used a women’s razor since the 90s. THE 90s. My last one was the Gillete Sensor Excel for women. Boy, has technology advanced since then. No bloodshed was involved – perfect for new shavers, or even those who have been shaving since age 12 and still knick themselves on a regular (moi).

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Not Born with Brooke Brows?

I sure as heckfire wasn’t. Mine are okay… but they’re naturally a bit more far apart than I’d like. I’m one of those people who NEVER has to thread/wax/pluck between her brows. I have the opposite of a unibrow (a duobrow?). But know what? I’d almost rather HAVE a unibrow because while you can’t make eyebrow hairs grow where they currently do not, you CAN thread/wax/pluck away the excess to be left with gorgeous full brows. I’d pretty much chalked this sitch up to luck. I mean, I’d also like to wake up with waves like Madonna’s circa her Ray of Light album, but you can’t always get what you want.

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New York Thymes

I was just introduced to this brand very recently and already I am in LURVE. As my last act as a non-stressed individual with a moment to herself (starting tomorrow I have fashion week events, shows, a LOST premiere to take in and am simultaneously packing and moving to a new apartment over the course of the next 9 days straight), I indulged in a bath using Thymes Red Cherie Bath Salts. I emerged 20 minutes later with silken fragrant skin. Ingredients include sparkling pomegranate, ripe red cherries, passion flower and jasmine; with a twist of Asian lychee and a tease of fruity musk. Sea salts soften and soothe, vitamin E moisturizes, and cherry & passion flower extracts calm and protect. $6 per envelope.

I also had the opportunity to try out Thymes’ household products and the Fabulista is MUCH impressed. The Apricot Quince Dishwashing Liquid $9 smells like PIE and cleans dishes with minimal scrubbing.

I’ve been washing dishes that aren’t even dirty, just so I can enjoy the fragrance. Also phenom: Mandarin Coriander All-Purpose Spray $9. This Windex alternative smells briskly fresh and leaves your counters sparkling.

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Dry Hair Panaceas in Unexpected Places

A tip: don’t ever dismiss a product just because it’s geared to a different market segment. I’m no stranger to products designed for African American hair (although I have to say that Queen Helene did not work for me). For anyone with dry, curly and/or color-treated hair that’s damaged, these products are a DREAM. Two current faves of mine are Carol’s Daughter Black Vanilla Leave-In Conditioner and Mizani Spradiance High Gloss Serum.

Carol’s Daughter Black Vanilla Leave-In Conditioner

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NJ BBJ Readers: Get Christopher Kane Juicy Tubes and a Copy of "Violet by Design!"

Want to get your hands on Christopher Kane Juicy Tubes before they hit the counter in mid-March?

Want to experience what it’s like to be a Fashion Week model?

Lancôme invites you to get catwalk ready with Fashion Week and Celebrity Makeup Artist Extraordinaire Daniel Martin, Lancôme Spokesmodel Selena Breed, author of the acclaimed book “Violet on the Runway” Melissa Walker and the Lancôme Backstage Makeup Team. As a fan of “Violet on the Runway,” I am dying to read about Violet’s experiences in the second installment of the series!

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