Get the Look: Faith Hill at The Grammys

The Look

Oscar Blandi created a non-traditional chignon – “We wanted a clean and polished look to compliment Faith’s Valentino gown. I used an off-centered chignon that had a natural mess to it, with more curls and lots of definition,” Oscar explained.

Get the Look at Home

“I started by spraying my Jasmine Protein Mist on the hair, to just lightly re-wet the hair. I sprayed Wave Enhancing Spray to the roots to give it volume and then blew the hair dry. I used a 1 ½ inch curling iron and then pinned the curls, letting the hair set for 10 minutes. I then gathered the hair in a low, off center pony tail and began pinning curls. I added more body and texture to the bottom curls, in order to add thickness and body to the chignon. As I got closer to the last few pieces, I kept them smooth and finished sculpting the chignon. To finish the look, I used a little Seta to smooth over the hair and any fly-away pieces,” said Oscar.

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Glamour and Avon Announce Online Film Fest!

Glamour and Avon are launching a film fest in conjunction with the Glamour “Hollywood” issue, which hits newsstands tomorrow. Also, each week starting on Fridays, the first 500 visitors to the site,, will receive an amazing Avon gift basket full of great products. The festival runs through March 7.

The site hosts a new short film from the festival circuit every day for four weeks, giving Glamour readers access to great films coming out of the festivals. Each week, an independent film darling picks her favorite movie—so far, Christina Ricci, Elizabeth Banks and Maria Bello will participate. Avon Products, Inc. is hosting the festival in keeping with its over 120 year history of empowering women.

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Weil You are Sleeping

I’m not a regular night creme user. I find it reclassifies my normal-to-oily skin as straight up oily. And who needs that, right? But I’ve found something that hydrates ever so slightly while taking care of redness and hyperpigmentation. Dr. Andrew Weil has created Plantidote Mega Mushroom Treatment Lotion for Origins for that specific purpose. It contains should-be-in-a-delish-salad ingredients such as ginger, Cordyceps and Reishi mushrooms, and essential oils of sweet orange and mandarin. I like to pat it on clean skin with a cotton pad. It’s more of a lotion than a toner, though. Don’t be put off by the cotton pad. In fact, you can choose to apply with fingertips if you don’t enjoy involving other paraphernalia in your lifestyle. $30, available in March.

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Daniel Faraday is One of the Most Annoying Characters on TV

Guys, I KNOW. I’m so 4 days ago with this stuff. Moving and unpacking has allowed me zero time to blog about LOST. P.S., if you’re so not into LOST, skip this post. I’ll be back tomorrow with regularly scheduled beauty reviews. Analyzing LOST on this blog is the only time I use my French Literature degree.

I have to say, you KNOW I love this show… but the new format, flashforwards, diminished amount of literary/cinematic references, and new characters hastily thrown in makes me feel like I’m now in a Remedial Math class that I’m failing… when I used to be scoring A’s in AP English. It’s still interesting and I’d never stop watching… but I have few predictions and much less insight. It’s v. frustrating. I found a couple of things by googling the names of the newcomers, who in my humble O, were folded in with the same care and subtley as Nikki and Paulo were, i.e., none. Here’s what I thought about the Nikki/Paulo sitch, FYI.

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Pre-Vaca Manicure for Sure

Dolls, I am EXHAUSTED. I moved and unpacked the last 48 hours (I obv took breaks to sleep and eat) right after attending a party thrown by Allure magazine and where there were Rita Hazan hairstylists and Dashing Diva nail technicians there to glamify you up AT the party. I brought Marina as my plus one and proceeded to become the most glam person ever to move. Joshua Farrington of Rita Hazan curled my hair, which looked phenom on Thursday night, but had unforunately wilted by Friday morning. That’s to be expected. I’d assumed my nails would be hist by Friday circa 2pm after a good 4 hours of moving. I mean, I was going to live with it, it was a free mani (Mary, who did my nails, is a DOLL.) I was dead wrong. Here we are on Saturday night and my nails are NOT EVEN CHIPPED. Minor wear and tear on the very tips, that’s IT. Get yourself to Dashing Divas immediately if not sooner. The mani quality will withstand a weeklong vaca somewhere warm and fabulous.

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Lancome’s Pixel Pink is Now Available!

The fourth and final lipstick in the Pout-à-Porter designer lipstick series makes its hotly anticipated debut today on Lancôme Color Fever Shine Lipstick in Pixel Pink is a beautiful sheer raspberry shade created by celebrated emerging designer Thakoon and celebrity makeup artist Gucci Westman for Thakoon’s Spring 2008 show.

The color came together at the hair and makeup test only days before the Spring show. Thakoon wanted something simple yet pretty that would complement the lush greens, pinks and blues in his collection, as well as the unique prints. One particular print, a pixilated floral that almost appears to have been faxed through a machine, was a key influence on the lipstick.

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Back in MAC

I don’t know if it was the closer proximity to the Canadian border when I attended college in Boston or what but I was positively dripping in MAC makeup in my late teens/early 20s. I would rarely wear any other brand. Frequent trips to Montreal were made so my six other roommates and I could drain Holt Renfrew of their MAC stash. And then, mysteriously, post-college, I was over MAC. There was no reason for it, I just neglected all other brands for so long, I felt I’d needed to make up for lost time. I familiarized myself with a lot of other brands later in college (I became BFF with one fabulous sales associate at the YSL counter at Saks in Copley – do visit him if you’re in the area) and then started working in New York at a PR Agency that represented a lot of great other brands and fell in lurve. Also, I think overdosing on it resulted in my temporary distaste. The same thing once happened to me with funnel cake. But Mercedes Benz Fashion Week sponsor MAC Trendspot has once again brought MAC back into the forefront of my mind. I’ve received MAC brushes, glosses, and eye liners in several gift bags, and have yet to try out all of them because I’m moving tomorrow and figure the less open products to move, the better. But there are three MAC prods I couldn’t resist tearing into, packing be damned.

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Get a One-of-a-Kind Gloss at Prescriptives!

Me, in my office at work, taking a break to pose with my new red Prescriptives Custom Blend Gloss. I look more like a koala than usual in this pic, but as there is no other gloss like it on the planet, I had to show you what it looks like on!

Yesterday, I went back and forth to Bryant Park 3 times in between packing and moving boxes! It was quite a day to say the least. One of my trips included a stop at the Bryant Park Hotel to visit the Spanx and Prescriptives suite where I learned all about the latest developments in Spanx (get excited gals, good stuff is to come!) and then got a custom blend lip gloss just for me. On my way into the elevator, I spotted my friends Julia and Erika who’d already gotten their own custom glosses and looked uber-glam!

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Bobbi Brown "Be True to Your Heart" Lip Palette

Bobbi Brown Cosmetics has created a limited-edition red lip palette in partnership with The Heart Truth campaign and its annual Red Dress Collection Fashion Show. The palette was created to raise awareness for the campaign and its message that heart disease is the #1 killer of women. The show, of which Bobbi Brown Cosmetics is also an official sponsor for the third year in a row, brought Hollywood’s leading ladies together on one runway at “The Tent” at Bryant Park during the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week on February 1st.

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