Five Rules For Life: Andrea Lavinthal Of People

I“Five Rules” is a series in which I ask others to share their five rules for life. 

Andrea Lavinthal is Beauty & Style Director of People and member of the varsity cheerleading squad that is my life. Her rules are legendary (I follow 1 and 3 rigorously since making her acquaintance) and likely very necessary to your lifestyle. Read Andrea’s Five Rules, in her words.

1. If you love it, buy it in two colors.
This is actually a Lavinthal family rule. We all own our favorite clothing items and shoes in two or more colors. Because really, what’s worse than choosing between black (the safe option) and another color (the wild card)? Nothing, that’s what.

2. Vanity knows no pain.
I learned this from my Grandma Alva who was born and raised in Alabama and the definition of a lady. It’s the reason I didn’t so much as wince when I got Botox for the first time. If you want to look good, you have to put up with a little discomfort.

3. Get to the movie theater a half hour before the movie starts.
There’s only one place to sit in a movie theater and that’s center row, center seat. But don’t even think about it unless you get there early. Thirty minutes is preferable, unless it’s opening day of a chick flick in NYC. In that case you’re better off staying home. Not only do you need to claim your seat, but it takes time to get situated with snacks (popcorn, Twizzlers or both?) and catch up with your friends before the previews, which totally count as part of the movie.

4. Curl your lashes.
If I had to pick one item in my makeup bag that I absolutely cannot live without, it would be my eyelash curler. It’s an appearance game changer. That’s why I have two curlers in my apartment (just in case one breaks), one in my purse, and another two in my desk drawer.

5. Make the first move.
Yes, guys are hardwired to do the chasing, but girls shouldn’t be afraid to initiate a conversation. Just get his attention then back off. If he’s interested, you’ll know. If he’s not, he’s gay.

Thanks, Andrea! Stay tuned for more Five Rules and check out mine, Tamar Anitai’s and Carol’s for more inspirashe.

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