One Small Health Hack: Lemon Water


Introducing new R18 health/fitness series, One Small Health Hack! In it, I’ll share one small tweak you can make to your existing nutrition or fitness regimen that will yield results if you stick with it.

A few years ago, I started drinking a glass of warm (not hot) lemon water before eating or drinking ANYTHING else. Remember, you’re starting your day after hours of sleeping and, obviously, not rehydrating during that time, which is why many of us awaken already dehydrated.

Lemon water aids the digestive system and helps eliminate waste from the body more easily. Not to be TMI, but it helps prevent such sexy ailments as constipation and diarrhea by ensure smooth bowel functions.  It also has made my skin INFINITELY better (I no longer struggle with acne) and it starts my day on the right foot. I buy a couple organic lemons once a week, slice them up and then store them in one of these Hutzler Lemon Savers, introduced to me by Carol, who loves housing produce in containers shaped to mirror their innards.

Are you a lemon water fan? Tell me your small health hacks in the comments for a chance to be featured.

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