One Small Health Hack: Coconut-Oil Pulling


Introducing new R18 health/fitness series, One Small Health Hack! In it, I’ll share one small tweak you can make to your existing nutrition or fitness regimen that will yield results if you stick with it.

No, oil pulling isn’t all that earth shattering (someone brings it up literally every five minutes), but this tip on when to do it daily kind of IS. Ani Blinova, COO of Wink Frozen Desserts, shared that she takes coconut oil for oil pulling while she’s in the shower. How’s that for efficiency? It won’t interfere with your other shower “tasks,” nor will it be as boring, plus, you know you’re in there for about five minutes: The perfect amount of time for a little oil pulling. I’m trying this immediately.

?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????What are your thoughts on oil pulling?

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