One Small Health Hack: 12K Steps A Day

Since I started using a Jawbone UP band in 2013, I’ve been committed to walking at least 10,000 steps a day. Now I track it on an Apple Watch and in the last few months, I’ve upped it to 12,000 and it has made a DIFFERENCE.

It was a suggestion I heard from Bobbi Brown, of all people, on the Fat Mascara podcast and let me tell you, it’s huge. 20% more walking every day means I make my calorie-burn goal without fail, plus it keeps me in my skinny jeans. I try to walk outside when it’s anywhere from 20-85 degrees and if I’m behind on my steps, I simply walk around my apartment (I do this on the phone a lot, too) until I get ’em in. It looks stupid (TG for living alone, although my closest friends have definitely seen me running in place at 11:30 getting those steps in). Simple as that. Try it.



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