Fictitious Fragrance Fan: María Elena Of ‘Vicky Cristina Barcelona’


I know this could potentially affect my life-long New Yorker card, but I positively loathe Woody Allen and always have, even before it came out that he’s a total molester. But what most fellow pop-culture enthusiasts really can’t tolerate is that I even hate his movies. I don’t even find him funny. The neurotic Jewish Brooklyn guy thing can be hilarious, but his iteration just isn’t to me. Give me Larry David any day. There are a few movies of Woody’s that I can stomach, and truly, the only one I really liked was “Vicky Cristina Barcelona,” and that was mostly because of Penelope Cruz’s excellent performance as the mentally unstable, but chic-as-fuck María Elena.


I’d posit that her scent would be none other than Tocca’s latest perfume, Isabel ($68), inspired by a chic city girl from Barcelona, just like María Elena. The sultry fragrance blends bergamot, sangria accord, Mediterranean orange, vanilla, and Spanish rose (obv) into  fragrance that makes me want to hoard all of my Delta miles for a trip to Spain. By the by, get into Tocca’s new reed diffusers, I prefer Stella, shown here with another Tocca favorite that just launched, the Kuda Huraa candle ($60), a collaboration with designer John Robshaw. Get involved with this Maldives-inspired, gorgeously packaged candle with notes of agave and coconut to recreate a sultry salty sea breeze, with the sweetness of island florals and green palms.


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