5 Rules For Life: Buzzfeed Beauty Editor Augusta Falletta

Augusta Falletta

There is something to be said for hiring someone who is like you (shout-out to Julia) and one of the best examples of this is Rachel Adler‘s fabulous protégé, Augusta Falletta. The Buzzfeed Beauty Editor is an FIT grad who’s donned at least 4 hair hues in the year or so I’ve known her, boasts a work ethic so impressive, she was hired full time while still matriculating and her body wash game is spot-on. J’adore Augusta and you will too, once you read her Five Rules For Life, in her words.

1. No One Wins if You Go Crazy

One morning my boss was telling me about a wall hanging a friend of hers has hanging up that simply says, “No one wins if you go crazy” and I immediately took it to heart. In the times when you haven’t slept in days and you’ve been a human garbage disposal for high fructose corn syrup-rich foods and you’ve got a deadline to meet, take a beat to remember that no one wins if you snap.

2. Try New Things

Whether it’s as simple as taking a new walking route to work or as drastic as clearing out your iTunes library to make room for a fresh crop of music, keep trying new things. There will always be room for old favorites, but as soon as you try something new, it’s like peeling back another layer on the onion of life. Your mind will change for the better.

3. Everything Works Out

It just does. Believing this can be especially tough when you’re in one of life’s free falling moments (like trying to find a job, roommate and an apartment all in two weeks in New York), but try to remember any time in your life when things didn’t work out. Can’t? That’s because even if it’s in a weird time or place, things will always be fine. Relax and enjoy the journey.

4. Check It At The Door

Check your problems at the door when you walk into work, and check your work at the door when you walk into your apartment. Just like your friends don’t want to hear you yammer on for hours about the stresses of an Excel spreadsheet at your office, your coworkers don’t want to hear you complain about your crazy aunt asking why you’re still single. Besides not being the annoying person to hang out with, mentally separating out those parts of your life will let you turn off and relax when you should.

5. Hand-written Anything Wins

Ask anyone to remember the last email they got and they’ll have to check their phone. Ask instead about the last hand written card they got, and you’re guaranteed to get a story out of them. Handwrite anything you possibly can, whether it’s a thank you card, a post it, or a journal. The more you do it the more you’ll want to, and taking a breather from technology is so refreshing.

Thanks, Augusta!

And tell me: What are your Five Rules For Life?

“Five Rules For Life” is a series on Rouge18 in which I ask others to share their five rules for life about anything and everything. You can learn a lot about a person by reading which five things govern their actions, no? 

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